The most massive orgy in history

The most massive orgy in history

I always knew that the Japanese are obsessed with sex and everything about it. I know a lot about life. The amount of Japanese porn is equal to American.

Those were the Japanese who made the most massive orgy in the world, which is in the book of records.In 2006, 500 people simultaneously had sex in a warehouse. However, there were partner and pairs had sex without touching other pairs. So you could call it “neighborhood sex”, not the orgy. The event was recorded on DVD and recorded by representatives of the book of records.

Record of Japan is going to be beaten! Pearl Deriere, the founder of Menage Life company. The woman said that she would make a new attempt to arrange the most massive orgy in history. This information is shared in the Daily Mail.

Pearl has planned to collect 1000 people to surpass the Japanese exactly twice. The date and place are still classified. Too bad, because I would go.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I do know that I want to be part of an event that, in my opinion, will be historically monumental for the sex-positive community,” Deriere said.

By the way, until recently, Pearl worked at an insurance company and didn’t take part in any orgy. But on her new workplace (burlesque show dancer) she met a DJ. Together they founded the company Menage Life, which is engaged in the organization of erotic activities. Now Deriere is 29 years old, and she claims that she attends orgies every month.

In June, Menage Life was already trying to arrange a mass orgy at the Sin City 8 conference in Las Vegas. But there weren’t enough people. From registered 1200 people, there were only 375. The reason for that is constant moving. If the community had managed to gather 126 more people, they would have broken the world record by a margin of one person.

Good Luck, Pearl. If you will be in our country, call. I would like to have fun with a woman who attends orgies like the gym.

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